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Our misson

Mission Statement

"Welcome to the Jarvis Laboratories. We are a team of laboratories focused on Neuroscience and Genomics. The mission of the Jarvis Lab is to investigate the neurogenomics of complex traits, with a specific focus on vocal learning and spoken language. This mission will be made possible by developing the needed data resources and the experimental tools, and training leaders of diverse backgrounds to be successful in the sciences. The laboratory of the Neurogenetics of Language is interested in how the brain produces complex traits, such as spoken language, and the disorders associated with it. The Vertebrate Genomes Lab focuses on developing and applying technologies to produce the highest quality reference genomes possible for all areas of science and conservation. The Rockefeller University Field Center laboratory is focused on neuroethology of wild animals and avian transgenics. We strive for excellence and inclusion as a model and strategy towards achieving ambitious goals in science and the culture of science. Please peruse our site, contact us for your needs and interest, and consider getting involved in our various consortium projects."

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