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Our Team


Erich Jarvis


Head of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics of Language and professor at The Rockefeller University...

Laboratory of Neurogenetics of Language     New York, NY

Kirubel is a graduate fellow. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's of Science and Arts...


Matt Biegler


Matt is postdoctoral associate in the Jarvis Lab, working toward improving biotechnology applications in birds, both for ...


Matthew Davenport 


Matthew is a graduate fellow in the Jarvis and Vaziri laboratories at Rockefeller University primarily interested in the evolutionary...

Victor is a Research Assistant in the Neuroengineering and Behavior group at Jarvis Lab. 

Victor Yang.jpg

Victor Yang

Research Assistant


Giulio Formenti

Research Assistant Professor

Giulio is Research Assistant Professor in the Jarvis Laboratory and Bioinformatics Lead in the Vertebrate Genome Laboratory,...


Elena Waidmann


Elena is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Jarvis lab. She received her B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, during which she...

Chul Lee is a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Jarvis lab at Rockefeller University. He was co-supervised by prof. Heebal Kim and...


Hector Bermudez.JPG

Hector R. Bermudez

Research Assistant

Hector is a Research Assistant for the Jarvis lab working on the Neuroengineering and Behavior team. He is interested ...

Brigid Maloney.jpg

Brigid Maloney


Brigid is a graduate fellow in the Jarvis and Magnasco laboratories at the Rockefeller University. Her primary research...


Marwa Mahmoud


Marwa is the Grant Proposal Writer for the Jarvis Laboratory; she leads grant proposal writing efforts for the lab. Dr. Mahmoud...

Matthew Randesi.jpg

Matthew Randesi


Matthew is the Laboratory Manager for the Jarvis lab. He has worked as a Lab Manager in several different positions both.

Sadye Paez.jpeg

Sadye Paez


Sadye is the Program Director and a Senior Research Associate in the Jarvis laboratory. As a biomechanist, physical therapis...


Peter Schade


Peter is a second-year graduate fellow co-advised by Erich Jarvis and Winrich Freiwald. Peter explores how neural circuits...

66440_Portrait of Lauren Shanker.jpeg

Lauren Shalmiyev


Lauren is the Administrative Coordinator for the Jarvis Laboratory.  She has experience in the conduct of clinical trials, laboratory...

Simona is a postdoctoral fellow at the Jarvis lab. Her experience spans from fieldwork to wet lab to bioinformatics. During her...


Constantina Theofanopoulou


Constantina Theofanopoulou is the Herbert and Neil Singer Research Assistant Professor at Rockefeller University...

Neranjan de Silva- Jarvis Lab.jpg

César Vargas

Research Specialist

NJ is a Research Specialist in the Jarvis Lab. He graduated from Columbia University with degrees in Biomedical Engineering...

Suziane Barcelos 2.jpeg

Suziane Barcellos


Suziane is a postdoctoral associate in the Jarvis Lab, working on a bird conservation and de-extinction project.
In 2022...

Camile Piperni.jpg

Camil Piperni

SSRP Student

Camil is an undergraduate student at Smith College in their second year of the Rock EDU summer science research program...

Julian Hernandez.jpg

Julian Hernandez

Research Assistant

Julian is a Research Assistant in the Jarvis lab and applies single-cell techniques across different teams. They graduated from Smith College...

Rockefeller University Field Research Center
Millbrook, NY


Jean-Nicolas Audet


Jean-Nicolas is a Banting postdoctoral fellow at the Rockefeller Field Research Center in Millbrook. In his early career, Nik worked...


Mélanie Couture


Mélanie Is a research assistant at the Rockefeller University Field Research Center in Millbrook, NY. Prior to joining the Jarvis lab...


Fredrick Goulette





Gillian Permuy Durham


Gillian is the Head of Animal Husbandry for the Jarvis Lab at the Rockefeller University Field Research Center in Millbrook...


Lotem Tchernichovski 


Lotem is a Husbandry Attendant for the Jarvis Lab at the Rockefeller University Field Research Center in Millbrook, NY. She received...

Vertebrate Genome Lab
New York, NY


Conor Whelan

Research Scientist



Jennifer Balacco

Research scientist

Jen is a molecular biologist and expert in isolating ultra-High Molecular Weight DNA and in many long read technologies...

Kirsty McCaffrey.jpg

Kirsty McCaffrey

Bioinformatics Assistant

Kirsty is a Bioinformatics Assistant II in the Vertebrate Genome Lab, working on the curation of high-quality reference genomes.

Nivesh Jain.png

Nivesh Jain

Research scientist

Nivesh is a molecular biologist training in ultra-High Molecular Weight DNA isolation, Bionano, and PacBio.


Linelle Abueg


Linelle (left) is a bioinformatician specializing in genome assembly & evaluation.

Patrick Traore.HEIC

Patrick Traore

Research Assistant

Patrick is molecular biologist training in Ultra-High Molecular Weight DNA isolation, Bionano, and PacBio.

Jack A. Medico.jpg

Jack A. Medico


Jack is a graduate fellow at the Vertebrate Genome Lab, at Rockefeller University. He got his B.Sc....


Frankie Ackerman

Research Scientist 

Frankie is a molecular biologist specializing in techniques such as RNA isolation

Bonhwang Koo .jpg

Bonhwang Koo

Data Support Assistant

Bonhwang is a data support assistant at the VGL, supporting the lab in wrangling genomic data and metadata.


Sabrina Burmeister

Visiting professor

Sabrina is a visiting professor from UNC Chapel Hill.


Mac Gooder

Visiting Student

Mac is interested in genome assembly and bioinformatics.

Cassidy Johnson.jpeg

Cassidy Jonhson

Graduate Student

Cassidy is a PhD student in the Jarvis lab. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in Molecular & ...

Emily is an administrative assistant at VGL, bringing a wealth of experience from her background in ...

Emily Houton.jpeg

Emily Houton

Administrative Assistant

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